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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceiling Installation and Repair

P &M Ceilings supply and install quality suspended ceilings. Our installation team is very experienced and we always minimise disruption to you workplace or home through neat and clean working practices and working flexibly regards the working hours on site.  We can advise on the best suspended ceiling for your property from both a style and functionality point of view. Our range of suspended ceilings includes acoustic ceilings.

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Office Renovation and Upgrades

Our suspended ceilings offer a range of significant benefits regards creating a better working environment. Suspended ceilings are energy efficient as they are good energy saving insulators. Likewise they create a quieter working environment in call centres and public areas. As well as improving the look and size of offices their ability to create a lighter space is appreciated by staff sing computer screens.

Hotel, Restaurant, Pubs and Leisure

Our suspended ceilings are often by far the most cost effective way of upgrading rooms and a least cost way of concealing ducting and other services but still enabling maintenance to be carried out without major disruption. Ceiling tiles designed for high humidity areas such as hotel leisure facilities are available.

Retail Upgrades and Refurbishment

Our suspended ceilings are designed to create the right level of light to display your products in the optimum way and create the right atmosphere for customers to purchase. We have installed suspended ceiling in everywhere from jewellery shops to car showrooms.

Schools and Healthcare

Our suspended ceilings are an important element in keeping a building hygienic and safe and are often the quickest and cheapest way to bring a property up to current standards.

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suspended ceilings altrincham, manchester

suspended ceilings altrincham, manchester

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